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Established 1996, CCPL is a Technology Oriented Solutions organization active in the fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Signaling and Electrification for Metro Rail systems. CCPL provides a wide range of IT Solutions and Services to Corporates, SME’s and Retail customers. Telecom and Signaling related activities include Professional services for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of diverse products and systems.

With a team of 50+ skilled and competent staff members, the current turnover of the company is more than Four crores. Strategic partnerships with leading IT and other vendors in their respective fields give CCPL a strong advantage and enable it to provide standard as well as tailored solutions ranging from partial to complete turnkey works which include Installation of IT, Telecom, Signaling Systems, Hardware, Software, Networking and Facility Management.

We Provides:

  • Installation designs
  • Actual installation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Trainings
  • LAN and WAN Network Implementation
  • Facility Management
  • Interfacing solutions for diverse systems
  • Providing Leased Lines

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