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Established 1996, CCPL is a Technology Oriented Solutions organization active in the fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Signaling and Electrification for Metro Rail systems. CCPL provides a wide range of IT Solutions and Services to Corporates, SME’s and Retail customers. Telecom and Signaling related activities include Professional services for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of diverse products and systems.

With a team of 50+ skilled and competent staff members, the current turnover of the company is more than Four crores.

Strategic partnerships with leading IT and other vendors in their respective fields give CCPL a strong advantage and enable it to provide standard as well as tailored solutions ranging from partial to complete turnkey works which include Installation of IT, Telecom, Signaling Systems, Hardware, Software, Networking and Facility Management.

Since CCPL is a sales and support company, it’s customers can have both the advantages - they can get best of the prices from the Industry standards and the services of fully trained and professional technical staff to provide the most efficient technical support.

In Telecom, the Company has extensive experience in products and systems from Telecom majors for such as Siemens, AV Digital (Now Honeywell), Fujitsu, Sagem, COE, Axis , Mobatime, Mitron, FINOLEX, Axell Wireless and Rittal. Connect services/solutions are specifically engineered to add value and achieve cost effective deployment/systems integration. CCPL skill sets includes the expertise required for handling products based on various technologies that enable customers to implement systems based on copper, fibre optics and others. Apart from general electrical and electronics, CCPL’s competencies cover products and systems in the following areas:
  • Public Address and Public Display
  • CCTV
  • Master Clock
  • Data Networks
  • Structured Cabling
  • Fibre Optics
  • Power Supply Equipment
  • GPS
  • Radio
In Signaling, CCPL undertakes Installation/ Commissioning as well as maintenance of sub systems like ATS, ATP, ATO, FTGS, Point Machines and Signals etc. with a strong emphasis on IT equipment which are the core of some sub systems.

CCPL’s forte his in “out of the box” thinking and solutions as far as interfacing & integration of diverse sub systems are concerned so as to ensure seamless integration and working.

CCPL maintains a well equipped Test and Repair Lab for Electronic Equipment.

CCPL is also active in outsourcing of skilled and semi skilled personnel for specific technical jobs.

Above all, our professional approach and Customer Satisfaction attitude helps us to beat our competitors.
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